Alumni Yarchei Kallah 2019

Alumni Yarchei Kallah 2019

The Yeshiva hosted a three day Yarchei Kallah on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday of Memorial Day weekend. The sugya d’kalla was Mitzvos HaAv Al HaBen. The days’ schedule was full of shiurim and shmuezen by various hanhalah members. Many Talmidim came in from out of town for all or some of the days. Alumni traveled in from Atlanta, Baltimore, Brooklyn, Cincinnati, Dallas, Far Rockaway, Lakewood, Los Angeles, Monsey, Passaic and Silver Spring. There was a gevaldike ruach among the participants. The ruach spilled over to the Rabbeim, Yungeleit and current Talmidim in Yeshiva. Seeing so many fellow talmidim come back and learn in Yeshiva was very special.
We hope this turns into a yearly event for our talmidim and request your feedback and input to improve the event.

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