Ner Yisroel alumni across the globe point to the encouragement, support and example set by the Roshei Yeshiva and hanhalla as their motivation for getting involved and making a difference in their community and beyond. Examples of impacted cities and alumni who were inspired by the Yeshiva include:



Beyond Ner Yisroel’s influence as a thriving makom Torah with a large Jewish kehilla in its orbit, a majority of the communal infrastructure of greater Baltimore was built, and continues to be fortified, by its alumni. More and more shuls are creating night kollelim staffed by Ner Yisroel’s yungeleit; Daf Yomi and other regular shiurim are delivered by learned ba’alei battim who are proud Ner Yisroel alumni. Most of Baltimore’s shuls are led by rabbanim who are talmidim of the Yeshiva and personify its signature hashpa’ah; this includes the largest and most vibrant shuls that are not just places to daven, but genuine kehillos that inspire their families’ spiritual growth. Most of the city’s Mosdos Hachinuch have administration and Rabbeim from Ner Yisroel. Baltimore’s Bikur Cholim was founded by Rebbetzin Weinberg a”h; Hatzalah of Baltimore, Ahavas Yisrael (Tomchei Shabbos), Vaad Hakashrus, the unique cooperation and mutual respect between the various factions within the community are all the products of the chinuch imbued by the Roshei Yeshiva and Rav Neuberger that has become the hallmark of the Yeshiva’s host city.


In the 1950s, while other synagogues in Atlanta were moving away from Orthodoxy, Rabbi Emanuel Feldman, a young musmach of Ner Yisroel, assumed the pulpit of the Beth Jacob shul and began a slow but steady revolution. His influence brought hundreds of families closer to Torah observance, helped build other kehillos, boys’ and girls’ elementary and high school yeshivos and a nationally-recognized kashruth certification. His son and successor at Beth Jacob, Rabbi Ilan Feldman (son-in-law of the Rosh Hayeshiva, Moreinu v’Rabbeinu Harav Yaakov Weinberg zt”l), brought the first community outreach kollel to Atlanta, which currently also includes a full-time “in-reach” Kollel, an outreach shul, and continues to build bridges to area Jews of all stripes and inspiring thousands to become full-fledged bnei Torah by following the principled yet inclusive path charted by Harav Weinberg and Harav Naftali Neuberger. A contingent of bochurim from the community attend Ner Yisroel’s mechina and bais medrash, continuing the circle of impact.


Ner Yisroel has left an indelible mark on the state of California in general and Los Angeles in particular. Many of the rabbanim and mechanchim that have been here for decades are proud alumni of Ner Yisroel. Klei Kodesh of all ages continue to play a central role in the Torah development of Southern California. Alumni Balei Batim play a leading role in the support of all of the local mosdos of the community. Of particular note are the thousands of first and second generation Persian Jews who are led by tens of Ner Yisroel alumni in many of shuls, schools and kollelim.


Avromi Abish

has lived with his family in Toronto for the past twenty years, where he is highly active in the community’s klal affairs. He is the currently the CEO of Hearing Solutions, a chain of retail healthcare centers, which he has grown to over 25 stores across Ontario. He is heavily involved in the running of Beis Medrash Shoavei Mayim and serves on the boards of several mosdos in the city.

“Ner Yisroel changed my view of what it means to be involved and to do for the klal. By example, the hanhalla demonstrated that if one can do for their community they simply have a responsibility to act and make a difference.”

Rabbi Yerachmiel Garfield

has been serving as the Head of School at Yeshiva Torat Emet in Houston, TX, since 2011. Under his leadership, the school has experienced astounding growth, both in enrollment and as well as the excellence of its students in learning and personal growth. Prior to that, he lived in Atlanta, where he served as school counselor at the Torah Day School of Atlanta, youth director at Congregation Ariel, and assistant principal at Yeshiva Ohr Yisrael.

Rabbi Dovid Kimche

a native of London, currently resides in Columbus, OH, where he and his wife, Mrs. Yona Kimche, teach at the Torah Academy. As the Director of the local NCSY, he, visits the local public schools for weekly Lunch & Learns, hosts Shabbos seudos at his home, and arranges inspirational and immersive Shabbatonim.

Rabbi Moshe Matz

directed a Kollel in Mexico City before returning to his native Miami, where serves as Director of Agudath Israel of Florida, teaches in Bais Yaakov high school, is the Rav of the Aventura Shul, and is on the vaad harabbanim of the local KM Kashrus organization. He has been involved in Camp Or Haner – a camp on Ner Yisroel’s campus for boys from South America - for over 23 years.

Ronald Wilhelm

of Cincinnati is very active in almost all of the city’s Torah institutions, He started his first business venture at 20 years old, while still living on Ner Yisroel’s campus; currently he is a principal at Communicare Health Services, a Cincinnati healthcare firm.

Rabbi Jeff Wohlgelernter

is the founding Rabbi of Congregation Adat Yeshurun in La Jolla, California, where he served for the past thirty years. A dynamic speaker and educator, he teaches a wide array of classes to both children and adults. His unique kehilla began with one family; under his leadership, it has grown under to almost 300, including many members who otherwise would not have been exposed to a life of Torah and Mitzvos.