Established in 1959, the Kollel was later renamed l’zecher nishmas Rav Ruderman zatzal, who viewed this division as the crown jewel of Ner Yisroel. Most of the 250+ yungeleit learn within the framework of a chabura that is focused on a specific miktzoa and led by a senior member of the Kollel, with guidance from the Rosh Kollel, Harav Ezra Neuberger. There are chaburos of yungeleit who are learning the Yeshiva mesechta, as well as many others involved in a diversity of other areas in Shas; some are doing it in a more lomdishe manner while others have a more halacha-oriented approach. Ner Yisroel confers Semicha upon qualified talmidim. There are typically 5-7 chaburos each year in the Kollel. Wide ranging topics have included:


  • מכות
  • ברכות
  • גיטין
  • שבת
  • סנהדרין
  • ערובין
  • חולין
  • סוכה
  • נידה
  • ביצה


  • בשר וחלב
  • תערובות
  • חושן משפט
  • אבן העזר
  • שבת
  • ל”ט מלאכות
  • נידה
  • מליחה