Chanuka Mesibos

Chanuka Mesibos

This week, the Kollel, Yeshiva and Mechina all had Chanuka mesibos in the Yeshiva Dining Room as well as at their Rabbeim’s homes.

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Kollel Mesiba Photos

On Monday after 1st seder, Kollel Avodas Levi gathered together for a Chanuka mesiba in the Ateres Leah Simcha Hall. Rosh Hakollel Harav Ezra Neuberger addressed the oilam on the significance of the yom tov of Chanuka- that of Torah she’ba’al peh, speaking to the “lihashkicham Torasecha” of the Yevonim and how we combat that day in and day out with our mesirus to limud haTorah. Rabbi Shmuel Iser, rosh chabura of the Hilchos Shabbos chabura and Rov of Kehilas Shaarei Avodah, shared Torah on the inyan of s’char mitzvah when one wants to but cannot fulfill a mitzvah. The fleishig affair was catered by Mr. Bill Goldberg and chef Doniel Levi, and enjoyed by all.

The N’shei Kollel Avodas Levi enjoyed an elegant melava malka on Erev Chanuka, also in the Ateres Leah Simcha Hall, with words of inspiration shared by Mrs. Malkie Sandhaus.

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