Chofetz Chaim Chaburah Siyum

Chofetz Chaim Chaburah Siyum

Nearly 300 bochurim in the Yeshiva and Mechina learn Sefer Chofetz Chaim (or other Shmiras HaLashon-related chiburim) six days a week. This Chabura, which was started by the bochurim themselves, had reached the end of the Sefer, and gathered to be misayim with a bakavodikke Seuda.

Following the Hadran for the Sefer Chofetz Chaim, the Rosh Yeshiva, Harav Aharon Feldman shlit”a, started off the evening with divrei chizuk and a phrase which highlighted the theme of the evening’s event. “…The definition of a human being is that he speaks – not that he thinks, but that he speaks.” How important words are, and how big of an impact we can make, bein litov bein limootav, is taloi not on the machshava rather the dibur. The Rosh Yeshiva concluded with a thank you and a bracha to the bochurim in the Chabura for raising the Yeshiva and Mechina a notch in ruchniyus.

Hadibur Hu Ha’adam, V’ha’adam Hu Hadibur” were the words reverberating around the room. The fiery Shmuess which ensued was the typical homogeneous mixture of just the right ma’amarei Chazal, funny anecdotes, and gishmak gadol ma’asim that one would expect from Rav Meir Rottenberg, 12th grade Maggid Shiur in Rav Slanger’s Yeshiva. After his uplifting speech, he was misayim with divrei Bracha that the bnei hachabura should vax ois and should be boneh with their dibur.

What a beautiful way to bring the Chofetz Chaim‘s dream to fruition; a dream of a Clal Yisroel who are aware of the severity of lashon hara, knowledgeable of its halachos, and inspired to use their ruach mimalila to go l’eila ul’eila.

The Seuda was sponsored , עילוי נשמות: חיים בן מנחם, טובה בת שלום, יעקוב בן סלחא, פייגא ליבא בת חיים הכהן, עליזה בת שרה, יצחק בן בהייא, שמואל אהרן בן נתן נטע הכהן