College Programs

Degree Options at Ner Yisroel

Ner Yisroel is first and foremost a Yeshiva where Torah is studied day and night. With that understanding, there comes a point in a Talmid’s learning career that he may feel the need to begin to prepare for the time when he will leave the walls of the Bais Medrash. Ner Yisroel enables our talmidim to pursue a secular college degree at an outside school, concurrent with their Yeshiva studies, with guidelines in place to minimize the impact on their Yeshiva studies.

Bachelor of Talmudic Law

Ner Yisroel issues a Bachelor of Talmudic Law (BTL) after successful completion of 4 years of study (up to two of which may be transferred in from other yeshivos). The BTL is accredited by the Maryland Department of Education and AARTS, and is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. Our degree may be used for admission into law school, medical and dental schools (after taking the prerequisite courses), as well as many other graduate programs.

The registrar’s office advises students who are interested in pursuing secular degrees as to how to achieve their goals while maintaining the yeshiva schedule. Below are some of the more common degree paths of our students.

Johns Hopkins University

Ner Yisroel has partnered with Johns Hopkins for a number of graduate degree options. An MS in Finance, Healthcare Management, and Real Estate and Infrastructure are offered though JHU’s Carey School of Business. Our arrangement with JHU allows our students to begin taking classes for these degrees while finishing their bachelor’s degree.

Ner Yisroel also offers an MS in Education through JHU’s school of education. Classes are comprised of a cohort of Ner Yisroel students, taught by both Johns Hopkins professors and Ner Yisroel graduates currently serving in the field of education. The program has a focus on Jewish education and chinuch.

All other post-graduate degrees offered by Johns Hopkins’ graduate schools are available to our students as well (after earning a BTL).

Pre-health degree with Stevenson University

A cohort of Ner Yisroel students earns a degree in interdisciplinary studies minoring in medical humanities from Stevenson University. All prerequisites for medical, dental, PA, and other health professions are fulfilled (along with guidance in applications, service hours, MCATs, and other student services). The program takes two years and is organized around the yeshiva schedule.

University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC)

Most majors at UMBC are available to our students. Many general education credits may be earned in Ner Yisroel and transferred to UMBC to be counted towards their degree.

Touro University Worldwide

Students may earn a degree in business or psychology through Touro’s online program. Touro accepts a large number of Ner Yisroel credits and provides a discounted rate for our students. There is also an option for business with a concentration in accounting, which provides the necessary prerequisites to sit for the CPA exam.

Any Questions?

How long after enrolling in yeshiva can I start going to school?

The yeshiva does not allow first-year (post high school) bachurim to attend outside institutions. Bachurim who join the yeshiva after first year are permitted to attend college classes in the spring semester following enrollment (approximately 6 months).

How will my sedarim be affected if I'm taking college courses?

This will depend greatly upon what college program you are attending. The Yeshiva allows bachurim to attend classes up to twice a week, after 5:00pm. Bachurim generally try to complete homework assignments between and after sedarim.

Do I have to pay for outside college on top of yeshiva tuition?

Yes, all college tuitions are independent from yeshiva tuition. However, it is worthwhile to note that the cost of many degrees may be significantly defrayed (depending on the specific program) due to special discounts that have been arranged for our students as well as credits transferred from the yeshiva in lieu of classes taken at that institution.

How long does it take to earn my Bachelor’s in Talmudic Law from the yeshiva?

The BTL is issued after four years of full-time yeshiva study (120 credits). Up to two years-worth of credits may be transferred in from other yeshivos, and the final semester must be a fall or spring semester attended in Ner Yisroel in order for the yeshiva to issue the degree.

What is the yeshiva’s policy regarding internet?

The Yeshiva strongly discourages internet use by our talmidim. Bachurim who are in school and require internet access are permitted to use internet for school-related activity. Anyone who has an internet capable device on campus is required to have it registered with the yeshiva. The yeshiva will install software on the device that allows monitoring of internet usage.

There are many other options and variations on the above options that students may pursue. For more information, please contact Rabbi Yosef Ifrah in the registrar’s office at 443-548-6037 or email