Dinner 2018

Dinner 2018

The 2018 dinner was truly a special and memorable event. Over 1,000 alumni and friends of the Yeshiva joined the Rebbeim and Hanhala for an evening of achdus and inspiration, and the feelings of warmth and excitement were readily apparent. Thank you to all of our alumni and friends for making this year’s dinner an extraordinary success!

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Sunday Nov. 18th was a momentous day for the Yeshiva. The day started with a groundbreaking event for the Dining Room construction project. It was an opportunity to show Hakoras Hatov to two Ner Yisroel families that have made this possible. The R’ Menachem Klein family of Los Angeles and the Mr. David Rosenberg z’l family of Dallas. Both represent a multi generational connection to the Yeshiva.

The day was followed by a yarchei kallah attended by both in town and out of town talmidim who joined us for the day. The Oilam heard shiurim from both Harav Tzvi Berkowitz and Harav Yissocher Frand on the Sugya of ecommerce in Halacha.

Following the Yarchei Kallah, the Yeshiva held its 85th annual dinner at the Marriott Waterfront hotel in downtown Baltimore. The format of this year’s dinner was designed to allow more time for Talmidim to interact with Rabbeim and Chaveirim. Following the dinner reception, the dinner continued with a formal program. The Yeshiva honored the Klein and Rosenberg families for their leadership commitment to the Yeshiva. We also honored our Rabbi Leiby Hoffman for his decades of Mesiras Nefesh to the Yeshiva, as well as highlighting the accomplishments of a young talmid, R’ Shmuel Schnitzer. The last presentation was an appreciation of 50 years on the Beren Campus.