Fathers and Grandfather’s Yarchei Kallah

Fathers and Grandfather's Yarchei Kallah

On Sunday November 19th, the Yeshiva hosted a special Yarchei Kallah on campus for the fathers and grandfathers of bais medrash bochurim – to experience a day in yeshiva.    The sugya d’kalla was Inyaanei Aveida, taken from Mesechta Bava Metziah, the Yehsiva’s current limud. The day’s schedule was full of shiurim and shmuezen by various members of the hanhala and members of Kollel Avodas Levi.  Those who attended enjoyed hearing from Mashgiach Ruchani Harav Beryl Weisbord, Menahel Harav Boruch Neuberger, Harav Shraga Neuberger, Harav Tzvi Berkowitz,  HaRav Zvi Einstadter, Harav Tzvi Krakauer as well as Rabbi Yosef Wagner and Rabbi Abba Kroll.

The Parents Yarchei Kallah held on the Ner Yisroel campus was a way for the parents of current talmidim to experience Ner Yisroel and gain a better appreciation for our unique Makom Torah.  Please feel free to reach out with your feedback and input to improve this and other future events.

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