Moreinu Harav Kulefsky’s 20th Yahrtzeit

Moreinu Harav Kulefsky's 20th Yahrtzeit

Thursday Gimmel Kislev was the 20th Yahrtzeit of the Rosh Hayeshiva, Moreinu Harav Yaakov Moshe Kulefsky zt”l. The Yeshiva held a Yahrtzeit seudah and siyum in the dining room on layl gimmel. Rabbi Sholom Tendler, grandson of the Rosh Hayeshiva zt”l, made the siyum. The Rosh Hayeshiva shlit”a, Moreinu Harav Aharon Feldman said divrei zichronos followed by a video presentation of divrei zichronos from Rabbi Avremel Schorr, RAM in Yeshivas Toras Chaim, Yerushalayim.

On Thursday, Harav Dovid Rosenbaum gave a shiur of the Rosh Hayeshiva’s Torah on the Sugya of Assei Docheh Lo Sa’asay


Rav Kulefsky Seforim

Exciting announcements from Rav Kulefsky Publications. The Artscroll book: Rav Kulefsky – The beloved American born rebbi whose geshmak for Torah lit the fire in thousands – is being released in time for the 20th yartzeit! You can order copies from or look for them in your local seforim stores.

Advance copies are available with dedication opportunities through Rav Kulefsky Publications. Contact for more information.

The seforim projects are moving along as well. The Sefer on Gittin has been completed already for a few months but has had printing delayed due to covid issues in E”Y. We hope to bez”h have it printed in the the next few weeks. The Sefer on Bava Metzia is mostly finished as well at this point and bez”h we are hoping to have it ready by next summer. Contact Rav Kulefsky Publications directly for more info and dedication opportunities.