National Yarchei Kallah 5784

National Yarchei Kallah 5784

On Sunday June 9th, the Yeshiva hosted its annual national Yarchei Kallah on campus.  The sugya d’kalla was Geirus. Those who attended in person or viewed the sessions via livestream enjoyed hearing from Moreinu Rosh Hayeshiva Harav Aharon Feldman, Menahel Ruchani Harav Beryl Weisbord, Menahel Harav Boruch Neuberger, Harav Dovid Rosenbaum as well as Rabbi Duvi Rubin.

Talmidim returned to campus and filled the beis medrash with their kol haTorah as we prepared together for the upcoming Yom Tov of Shavuos and Kabolas HaTorah. Seeing so many fellow talmidim come back and learn in Yeshiva was truly special.

Once again communities outside of Baltimore set up ”satellite” locations to participate in this year’s Yarchei Kallah via the livestream.  In Atlanta, Columbus and Dallas talmidim took the opportunity to come together for a seder of learning and hear shiur from their Rebbeim.

A special thank you to Mr. Bill Goldberg and Chef Daniel Levy for the magnificent meals and snacks throughout the Yarchei Kallah and to Mr. Yitzchok Markowitz and Mr. Dovid Cynamon for arranging the Livestream.

The National Yarchei Kallah held on the Ner Yisroel campus has become a key part of the Yeshiva calendar – a way to reconnect to our unique Makom Torah, to show the chashivus of Torah and create a wonderful Kiddush Hashem.  Please feel free to reach out with your feedback and input to improve this and other future events.