Memorial Day Yarchei Kallah 2022

Memorial Day Yarchei Kallah 2022

The Yeshiva hosted a two day Yarchei Kallah on Sunday and Monday of Memorial Day weekend. The sugya d’kalla was Pikuach Nefesh. The days’ schedule was full of shiurim and shmuezen by various members of the Hanhala.  Hundreds of in person attendees and nearly a thousand more via livestream enjoyed hearing from Moreinu Rosh HaYeshiva HaRav Aharon Feldman, Mashgiach Ruchani HaRav Beryl Weisbord, Menahel HaRav Boruch Neuberger, HaRav Shraga Neuberger, HaRav Yissocher Frand, HaRav Tzvi Berkowitz, HaRav Dovid Rosenbaum, HaRav Zvi Einstadter & HaRav Tzvi Krakauer.

Sunday evening Rabbi Eytan Feiner of The White Shul spoke before a capacity filled Mechina Beis Medrash about Savoring the Unparalleled Sweetness of Torah.  He spoke about the special nature of setting aside time for Limud HaTorah and specifically as a benefit for the upcoming Yom Tov of Shavuos.  Rabbi Feiner’s drasha followed a Kabolas Panim and shmorg with the Yeshiva Rebbeim.  Talmidim took the opportunity of the less formal setting to speak and spend time with their Rebbeim.  At the closing dinner Monday evening HaRav Aaron Lopiansky of The Yeshiva of Greater Washington spoke about the importance of coming back to one’s personal Makom Torah and reconnecting with it’s unique kochos.

Talmidim came in from out of town to take part in all or some of the days. Alumni traveled in from across cities the country including: Atlanta, Brooklyn, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Far Rockaway, Five Towns, Los Angeles, Monsey and Passaic. There was a tremendous ruach among the participants. The energy spilled over to the Rebbeim, Yungeleit and current Talmidim in Yeshiva. Seeing so many fellow talmidim come back and learn in Yeshiva was very special.  A current member of Kollel Avodas Levi remarked that the increased Koach haTorah in the Beis Medrash was palpable.  A Talmid who traveled in from out of town said the following: The schedule, maare mekomos, shiurim, divrei chizuk and even the food could not have been better – and appears to have exceeded even high expectations. A special thank you to Mr. Bill Goldberg and Chef Daniel Levy for the magnificent meals and snacks throughout the Yarchei Kallah.

This was the second such Yarchei Kallah held on the Ner Yisroel campus (the first national Yarchei Kallah took place just prior to the outbreak of COVID). We look forward as this becomes an annual event for our talmidim – a way to reconnect to our unique Makom Torah, to show the chashivus of Torah and create a wonderful Kiddush Hashem.  Please feel free to reach out with your feedback and input to improve this and other future events.

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